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In September 2010, during the Toronto International Film Festival I volunteered to be a citizen blogger for the CBC. Rather than blog about the glitz and glamor of the festival, I was assigned to blog from the perspective of the average festival-goer. Thanks to Kim Fox and her CBC Your Voice team, as well as all the other CBC bloggers and reporters. It was a blast!


Below are links to my posts in chronological order. Unfortunately, this part of the CBC website no longer exists, so I’ve included links to snapshots of the posts from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.


TIFF 2010 for All

TIFFer stories and opinions needed!

TIFF Bell Lightbox tour (click here for photos from opening day)

Confusion at the Lightbox

How to have a great Q&A

TIFFing for non-TIFFers

An invitation to Madness (click here for the video that originally appeared in this post)

Two Days Left

We, the dedicated

My top 3 TIFF Moments

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