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My focus is on creative, accessible and impactful storytelling. Whether it’s through a single photo, moving images or the written word, my goals are to push concepts to their creative limits and emotionally engage my/your audience. This can be applied to works of fiction for film and television, as well promotional work for individuals and companies. My skills are well suited to helping artists in other mediums promote their work, as well as small to mid-range companies develop an identity for their brands.

As a visual content creator, I have written, directed and edited video projects for Against the Grain Theatre to promote several of their very successful indie opera productions. As a playwright, I've written two shows for Solar Stage Children's Theatre, Krampus the Christmas Curmudgeon (2015) and Merry Munsch Pyjama Party (2017 & 2019). And as a screenwriter I have written several spec scripts, including the feature film The Dead of Winter, which is currently under option to Don Carmody Productions.

My photography portfolio includes performance shots for burlesque, theatre and music, as well as headshots, portraits, still life and landscape photos.

With all of these experiences and skills within my wheelhouse, I feel confident that we can successfully work together to maximize your exposure in creating quality creative content across multiple visual formats. Wether you're looking for a single headshot or to create a full promotional campaign, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs.

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